custom quote embroidery

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made to order. hand embroidered on 100% cotton 14 count cross stitch canvas. included bamboo hoop measures 6 inches diameter. 


Sometimes, messaging people for customs is hard to do! I totally get it!

I recently became confident enough to do wording and type! You can do quotes from books, movies, song lyrics, totally up to you!

Try to keep it within 2 sentences, please!

Unless you have too many letters that will take up the entire hoop, each one will have a small picture to go with the words.

Please include the color(s) of thread you'd like the words in and what you'd like for the small picture.

If you'd like a replication of a design in one of the pictures, just let me know by describing it (ex: the lord of the rings quote in the photo please) and tell me if you want anything different.

Please include your email so I can confirm that you like the design!

I'm excited to do this for you! I've been having such a fun time learning this. Thank you for trusting me!